QuraDea Organic raw cow colostrum probiotics based , 120 capsules

QuraDea SKU: 12054
QuraDea Organic raw cow colostrum probiotics based , 120 capsules

QuraDea Organic raw cow colostrum probiotics based , 120 capsules

QuraDea SKU: 12054
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The unique food supplement in an unpasteurised quality!
Under strict savety regulations the raw cow colostrum does not have to be
pasteurised. So all the precious ingredients stay 100% bioactive; only the water gets exctracted by freeze-drying.
Colostrum – the first milk of mammals - is the oldest and most exceptional
food which nature produces.
It contains many vital substances that are available in a balanced form. Each
one of them is significant and unique and together they constitute this very
special natural food supplement.
The following substances are found in bovine colostrum:
• grease- and water-soluble vitamins
• trace elements
• all essential and non essential amino acids
• immune globulins and immune regulators
• growth factors
• hormones
• anti inflammatory- and pain reliefing subst.
• antioxidans
Colostrum is the most extensive natural source of immune factors which prevent effectively against influenza infections. These immune factors influence the immune system positively in cases of allergies and chronic illness. Further more colostrum contains some of the strongest natural anti inflammatory substances.

Due to the high content of MSM (MethylSulphonylMethan) colostrum can also relieve pain.
The anti bacterial and anti viral substances offer excellent protection against ailments of the digestive
The group of the growth factors promotes the regeneration of injured skin, cartilages, and bone
 Also there are many potent radical catchers – so called antioxidans – found in colostrum.

Ingredients: Knospe/DEMETER raw cow colostrum 250 mg, vegetabile capsule (Vcaps plus) 90 mg
Storage conditions: Store at room temperature (approx 20°C)

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