Why Swiss

Because it’s always nicest at home...

SwissHerbs is a shop from Switzerland for everyone who appreciates the quality of Swiss products as much as we do! Especially in the age of international online trade, we can easily lose sight of what we love so much about our home, and in our case this is the wonderful quality of Swiss goods that can only be described with one word: Swissness.

SwissHerbs Why Swiss page

Our mission: Quality and Swissness

The SwissHerbs shop was founded in 2022 based on a desire to make even more people aware of Swissness. In this shop, you will find lots of high-quality products – Swiss made! Fairness, reliability, naturalness and sustainability. Cleanliness and, last but not least, quality are therefore a priority for us.

We are convinced that the best quality awaits you at home. Therefore, at SwissHerbs we offer a range of products that come from our home: Switzerland. Allow yourself to be surprised, fascinated and impressed by the variety of our nutritional supplements, vitamins, coffee and cosmetic products, which all have two things in common: a consistent standard of quality and Swissness.

Our products

Among other things, our product range includes:

  • High-quality vitamins “made in Switzerland”
  • Nutritious and scientifically proven nutritional supplements
  • Rich Swiss cosmetics from lip balms to hand creams to anti-aging products
  •  Whole and ground coffee beans produced in Switzerland: from mocha to espresso to caffè crema, there is something to suit every taste.

Our guarantee: the best quality Switzerland has to offer

The products you will find in this shop come from every corner of Switzerland and share the principles of quality and Swissness: from St. Gallen to the Swiss Alps, products manufactured in Switzerland subject to the highest quality standards based on scientific fundamentals that will help you to live a healthy life await you. In addition to this, our range is natural and sustainable – how else could it be with Swissness? Our high-quality nutritional supplements, vitamins and cosmetics consist of natural vitamins, minerals and bioactive ingredients: from growing to packaging, high-quality, organic products await you – or in other words: quality that can only be found in Switzerland.


Your experience

Learn more about our bestselling brands you will love, find out what Swissness really means and allow yourself to be impressed by the quality of “made in Switzerland”.