Kingnature Feet Protection Gel, natural nourishing hydrogel, 30 ml.

Kingnature SKU: 13215
Kingnature Feet Protection Gel, natural nourishing hydrogel, 30 ml.
Kingnature Feet Protection Gel, natural nourishing hydrogel, 30 ml.
Kingnature Feet Protection Gel, natural nourishing hydrogel, 30 ml.
Kingnature Feet Protection Gel, natural nourishing hydrogel, 30 ml.

Kingnature Feet Protection Gel, natural nourishing hydrogel, 30 ml.

Kingnature SKU: 13215
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What is the benefit of Feet Protection Gel?

The Feet Protection Gel nourishes and protects the skin. Due to its nourishing effect, the skin becomes smooth and supple and does not show any cracks or chapped skin. As a result, dermatophytes, for example, can settle less well or only with difficulty. They adhere less well to well-cared for skin. The formulation of the Gel has been developed and successfully tested in long research studies.

The Foot Protection Gel contains three different plant extracts:

  • An extract of Artemisia annua from Swiss cultivation. It is an annual plant that grows to a man-sized bush in the summer and feels comfortable even in our temperate climate. Only the tips of the leaves are used. It contains 245 proven secondary plant substances, including artemisinin. A highly concentrated extract of the leaf tips with all active ingredients is used for the Foot Protection Gel.
  • An extract of Cinnamon, which is known for its protective and caring properties.
  • An extract from Habanero. Habanero is a very hot Chili variety and is therefore rarely used in Switzerland. Habanero pods contain natural capsaicin. The pods are grown in Switzerland, harvested and processed by hand.

The extracts from the above-mentioned plant substances are mixed with an organic Aloe vera Gel from the inner leaf (inner leaf Gel). The Aloe vera Gel is quickly absorbed into the deeper skin layers and is free of Aloin, which occurs in the outer leaf and is toxic. We produce the Aloe vera Gel ourselves from organic Aloe vera Powder, which makes us independent of suppliers and their formulations (thickeners, preservatives, etc.). Because the Powder is highly concentrated, the Aloe vera has moved down the list of ingredients, but the Aloe vera content is unchanged! Finally, high quality Frankincense oil (Boswellia carterii oil) is added. This gives the Foot Protection Gel a pleasant smell and supports the regeneration of the skin. The Gel does not contain parabens.

The formulation is a fat-free, water-based Gel (= Hydrogel), which forms a thin layer on the skin. The individual ingredients are enclosed in this layer and are thus available to the skin for longer, i.e. the caring effect is stronger and longer lasting. The Gel is easy to apply and evenly distributed on the skin. It does not become sticky after drying and does not tighten on the skin. We use the natural Xantham Gum as a Gel former. It forms beautiful Gels and can be applied very well. Xanthan Gum is obtained by fermentation of glucose or starch by means of a special bacterium.

 Advantages of Foot Protection Gel:

  • Combination product with 3 different Plant extracts.
  • With Artemisia and Habanero from Swiss organic cultivation.
  • The natural ingredients increase the natural skin barrier and protect sensitive Feet.
  • 100% natural

The Foot Protection Gel is delivered in a practical dispenser (airless pump). The Gel is always protected from contact with air and can be dosed cleanly. During the first application several pump strokes may be necessary until the Gel comes out.

Application: Gently apply the Gel for the Protection of sensitive skin areas every day and let it take effect.

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Alcohol, Artemisia annua leaf extract, Cinnamomum cassia bark extract, Capsicum frutescens fruit extract, Xanthan Gum, Benzoic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Citric Acid.

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