DENTISSIMO Toothpaste Diamond for sensitive teeth and gums, 75 ml.

DENTISSIMO Toothpaste Diamond for sensitive teeth and gums, 75 ml.

DENTISSIMO Toothpaste Diamond for sensitive teeth and gums, 75 ml.

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Pearly toothpaste contains Swiss Diamond Powder that smooths, cleans, and polishes teeth gently and safely. Diamond powder and Xylitol help to inhibit plaque buildup, thus contribute to restoring the natural white color of tooth enamel. Strontium Chloride relieves tooth sensitivity and Hydroxyapatite contributes to tooth enamel remineralization. Fruit enzyme papain helps to gentle whitening, Mica brings glow, aesthetics, and healthy appearance of a smile. Geranium Maculatum and Vitamin E maintain teeth and gums healthy and assist in soothing action on irritated gums. Daily use means all-around dental care, fantastic smile with a sparkling diamond shine. The delicate flavor complements the composition and gives a pleasant feeling of fresh breath.

Strontium ions penetrate the dentin and block the nerve endings, while the particles of diamond powder (their diameter coincides with the diameter of the dentinal tubules: less than or equal to 3 microns) fill the dentinal tubules and seal them. Thus, tooth sensitivity is significantly reduced.


provides good cleaning action, smoothness, and gloss to tooth enamel is safe for sensitive dentin thanks to low abrasion blocks dentin canaliculus, alleviating dental hypersensitivity

helps to accelerate the absorption of minerals into tooth enamel aids in preventing the formation of cavities suppresses the growth of bacteria and microorganisms

reduces dentin sensitivity: Strontium Ions penetrate the tooth enamel to dentin and block nerve endings

protects tooth enamel and timely compensates the loss of minerals restoring microscopic damages promotes active remineralization and strengthening of tooth enamel

stimulates cell regeneration ensures the astringent, hemostatic effect helps to prevent irritation of the gums

helps to maintain tonus of mucous and gingival tissues aids in reducing inflammation caused by bacteria minimizes the causes of gingivitis before it develops into periodontal disease

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