15 multivitamins for eye health

Increased screen time is having adverse effects on our eye health. This is high time that we start paying attention to this part of our body. Like every other organ eye also reuires supplementation and dietary modifications for proper upkeep. The following eye problems can be prevented by supplement intake and lifestyle modifications.

  • Dry eye
  • Cataract
  • Age related macular degeneration

Here is a list of multivitamins that benefit the eye

Vitamin A

Of all the multivitamins viatamin A is the mpst vital one for eye health. It not only prevents but also treats eye diseases such as night blindness

Pine Bark Extract

Pine Bark Extract has been used by north americans for centuries. Research shows that it prevents and delays cataract development.

Vitamin C

Vitamin С is a powerful anti-oxidant that plays major role is call repair. Moreover it also helps collagen which forms a scaffolding for the vessel walls. Vitamin C use has also been proven t beneficial against cataract and dry eyes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that aids in the process of healing.

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 has been proven to beneficial for dry eyes and blurred vision

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids have been demonstrated to help with the symptoms of dry eye 

Lutein and zeaxanthin

Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids that are good for retina. Their anti-oxidant properties hel with cell repair and free radical damage. They also have blue light filtering abilities that are beneficial for the eye.


Flavonoids improve blood circulation to the eye.


Zinc has a number of benefits. It is vital to cell’s metabolic processes.