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Extra Cell Woman Drink: the complete formululation with than 30+ ingredients for health, immune system and beauty of skin, hair and nails. Including 10’000 mg marine collagen.


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Product overview

ExtraCellWoman: exceptionally complete formulation for beauty, well-being and the immune system

Extra Cell Woman combines more than 30 ingredients for beautiful skin, hair and nails and for well-being. Specific nutrients have been selected to support the normal functioning of the body (immune system, nervous system, fat metabolism, cholesterol, sugar levels, liver function, bone matrix, muscles, mobility & energy).

ExtraCellWoman – main ingredients

  • Marine collagen peptides 10’000 mg (types I and III)
  • Lysine and valine: essential amino acids
  • Hyaluronic acid vegan
  • glucosamine sulphate vegan
  • Biotin
    • contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.
    • contributes to the maintenance of normal hair.
  • Selenium
    • contributes to the maintenance of normal hair.
    • contributes to the maintenance of normal nails.
    • protects cells against oxidative stress.
  • Copper
    • contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissues.
    • protects cells against oxidative stress.
    • contributes to normal skin pigmentation.
  • Manganese:
    • contribute to the formation of normal connective tissue
    • protect cells from oxidative stress. 
  • Zinc:
    • contributes to the maintenance of normal skin
    • contributes to the maintenance of normal hair.
    • contributes to the maintenance of normal nails.
    • protect cells from oxidative stress.
  • Millet: gluten-free whole grain

Ingredients for health

  • Bones:
    • Calcium is needed to maintain normal bone
    • zinc, vitamins D and K: contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.
    • Collagen is a protein. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of the bone structure.
  • Joints:
    • Vitamine C: contributes to normal collagen formation to ensure normal cartilage function
  • Musculature:
    • Calcium and magnesium: contribute to normal muscle function.
    • Collagen is a protein. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.
  • Energy:
    • Magnesium, vitamin B2, niacine B3, B5, B6, biotine, B12): contribute to reduce fatigue.
  • Nervous system:
    • Copper, magnesium, thiamine B1, riboflavin B2, niacin B3, B6, biotin, B12: contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system.
    • Calcium: contributes to normal neurotransmission.
  • Cognitive functions:
    • Zinc: contributes to normal cognitive functions.
  • Psychological functions:
    • Biotin, thiamine B1, niacin B3, B6, B12, magnesium: contribute to normal psychological functions.
  • Intellectual performance:
    • Pantothenic acid B5: contributes to normal intellectual performance.
  • Immune system: Vitamins C, D, group B (B6, B12), selenium, cooper and zinc: contribute to maintaining normal immune system function
  • Eyes: Zinc, vitamin B2: contribute to maintain normal vision
  • Cholesterol: Beta-glucans (from oats): contribute to maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • Metabolism: Choline: contributes to fat metabolism and normal liver function
  • Sugar levels: Chromium: helps maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • Fruits and alpine plants: decaffeinated green tea, rosehip (with natural vitamin C, zinc and copper), pomegranate extract, melon, edelweiss, yellow gentian root.
  • Oxidative stress: zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E: contribute to protect the cells against oxidative stress.
  • Q10: component of mitochondria. 
  • Agar-agar: vegetable gelling agent

Appropriate use:

  • Initial phase: 1 sachet per day for 50 days
  • Maintenance phase: 3 sachets per week (daily use is possible if necessary).
  • A pack contains 25 sachets of 24.5g. One sachet represents one dose.
  • Mix 1 sachet well with about 300 ml to 400ml of water in a glass (or even better: use a shaker).
  • For a better absorption, it is best to take the Drink either 30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal.
K2 Vitamin K2
Vitamin C Vitamin C
Vitamin E Vitamin E
Vitamin B1 Vitamin B1

Supplement Facts

Swiss Alp Health Extra Cell Woman

Active Ingredients Amount NRVs*
Vitamin D3 10 μg 200%
Vitamin E 12 mg 100%
Vitamin K2 60 μg 80%
Vitamin C 75 mg 94%
Vitamin B1 0.9 mg 80%
Vitamin B2 1.1 mg 79%
Niacin 22 mg 138%
Vitamin B6 1.1 mg 79%
Folic acid 150 μg 75%
Vitamin B12 2 μg 80%
Biotin 40 μg 80%
Pantothenic acid 5 mg 83%
Calcium 240 mg 30%
Magnesium 250 mg 67%
Zinc 10 mg 100%
Cuivre 1 mg 100%
Manganese 2 mg 100%
Selenium 55 μg 100%
Chrome 40 μg 100%

*NRVs: Nutrient reference values for the daily intakes as defined in Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011. N/A: no NRVs defined.

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