Kingnature Clear Skin Gel - with Aloe vera, Artemisia, Phytoderm, usNeo and D-Panthenol

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Nourishes and soothes skin plagued by acne and impurities. Natural Cosmetics. Ingredients with clinically confirmed efficacy. Contains Artemisia, Phytoderm® (Liquorice Root Extract), usNeo® (Bearded Lichen Extract), D-Panthenol (Provitamin B5), Aloe vera and Vitamin C. Net content: 15ml. Dermatologically tested.


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Product overview

What is the benefit of a Gel?

The formulation is a fat-free, water-based Gel (= Hydrogel), which forms a thin layer on the skin. The individual ingredients are enclosed in this layer and are thus available to the skin for longer, i.e. the caring effect is stronger and longer lasting. The Gel is easy to apply and evenly distributed on the skin. It does not become sticky after drying and does not tighten on the skin. We use the natural Xanthan Gum as a Gel former. It forms beautiful gels and can be applied very well. Xanthan Gum is obtained by fermentation of glucose or starch by means of a special bacterium.

Genuine natural Cosmetics

The Clear Skin Gel is, with three small exceptions, pure natural Cosmetics! This means that we only use ingredients that come from or occur in nature. The exceptions concern ingredients that do not come directly from nature, but are completely harmless:

  • Phytoderm® and usNeo® both contain a very small amount of tromethamine, an acidity regulator of synthetic origin. This is absolutely necessary to ensure the bioavailability of the ingredients.
  • 1,3-Propanediol is used in usNeo®. Unlike Propylene Glycol (1,2-Propanediol), this is of plant origin. Unfortunately, this is not possible with Phytoderm® because 18β Glycyrrhetinic acid (active ingredient from the liquorice root) would no longer be soluble there and thus no longer be bioavailable. Therefore, Propylene Glycol (1,2-Propanediol) must be used, which is not natural, but is considered completely harmless.
  • As a preservative we use Phenoxyethanol (which is found in green tea, among others). We enhance its effect with a small amount of synthetic Ethylexylglycerin, which is also considered harmless.

These substances together make up less than 5% of the product. The largest part of them is the 1,2-Propanediol in the liquorice root extract.

Advantages of the Clear Skin Gel

  • Fat-free Hydrogel
  • Natural Cosmetics, as pure as possible
  • Very economical (a very small amount of Gel goes a long way)
  • Can be applied easily to the skin and is quickly absorbed
  • Pleasantly soothing effect on the skin
  • No “drying out” of the skin!
  • Unperfumed (so that the skin is not irritated and the product is suitable for boys and girls)
  • Effectiveness of individual ingredients is supported by scientific studies
  • Careful production: valuable ingredients are preserved


  • Clean affected skin with suitable, mild soap
  • Apply Clear Skin Gel lightly to the affected areas and massage in thoroughly (massaging in has a significant effect on the soothing effect)
  • Clear Skin Gel is best used several times a day (at least in the morning and before bedtime)
  • During the day it is not necessary to clean the skin beforehand
  • After the Gel has dried, areas can be covered with a concealer if necessary

Product Info Clear Skin Gel

Dermatologically tested. Gel with Aloe vera, Artemisia, Phytoderm® (Liquorice Root Extract), usNeo® (Bearded Lichen Extract) and D-Panthenol (Provitamin B5). Net content 15 ml. The Gel is in stock.

Careful Production

In order to preserve the valuable ingredients, we work with a special, intensive mixing process, in which the ingredients are not heated (as is often the case elsewhere), but gently combined at room temperature and processed into a Gel.


B 5 Vitamin B5
Aloe vera Aloe Vera
Vitamin C Vitamin C

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