Many people experience increased emotional stress during a pandemic. And this is completely normal!

After all, our usual way of life is changing. We are increasingly seeing masked people. We get a lot of negative and disturbing information from the media. Quarantine violates our plans, and many are forced to stay at home. All this causes a stressful state. And if during this period catch a cold, then panic is inevitable. After all, the symptoms of acute VRI are usually similar, and it is impossible to understand which virus you are sick with without special tests. This means that the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) is more relevant than ever.

According to statistics, March and April are the months in which the flu is especially active. And people at risk should be especially careful.

To increase the body's resistance to viruses and illness, and to prevent their entry into the body - this is our main task. It has been proven that the entrance gates for a viral infection are the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. 

What can be done? 

The first thing that comes to mind is a disposable mask. But they are recommended for the most part to those who are already sick, so as not to infect others. There are also recommendations for rinsing the nose, for example, with saline. However, in the WHO recommendations for the population in connection with the spread of the new type of coronavirus COVID-2019 in the section “Myths and false beliefs” we can read that there is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of regular nose washing as a means of preventing respiratory infections. 

At the same time, there are drugs and antibiotics specifically designed to prevent ARVI and influenza. So, when using the Oscillococcinum preparation, the level of secret immunoglobulin in the saliva and on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract increases, which prevents viruses from entering the body and protects against infection by viral infections. For prevention, it is recommended to take it at a dose of 1 time per week during the period of spread of acute respiratory viral infections.

If the virus has already entered the body, then the further development of the infection depends on the virulence of the virus and the state of the immune system. 

Since this article is about disease prevention, let's see what WHO recommends for the general public regarding the spread of coronavirus infection. Since the type of coronavirus COVID-19 is new, there are no drugs for its specific prophylaxis and treatment. 

Hygiene measures come to the fore

  • Wash your hands regular with soap. You can also handle your hands with alcohol-based products. If a virus is present on the surface of the hands, this measure will destroy it.
  • If you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, you risk transferring the bacteria from your skin to your body.
  • Keep your distance in public places. Since the virus is mainly transmitted by airborne droplets, being too close to the carrier of the virus can be infected by inhalation of air. Especially if the carrier of the virus coughs or sneezes near you.
  • You should not cover your mouth with your hand, since the virus will remain on the skin, and then the germs will fall on objects or residents you touch. Used wipes and masks are recommended to immediately be thrown into closed garbage bins.
  • You should wear a mask if you sneeze or cough. And also if you care for a patient with a suspected infection with COVID-2019. A properly worn mask should cover your nose and mouth.Try not to touch the mask when you are wearing it.Immediately after use, the mask should be discarded, and hands should be washed with soap.

Also, preventive measures include visiting public places. Almost all museums, theaters, exhibitions are already quarantined. However, for many, visiting pharmacies, shops, and transport is inevitable. Here the precautions are simple. As far as possible, keep a distance, put on masks, try not to touch the railing, handrails, other objects unnecessarily. Limit handshakes, kisses and hugs.

If it is not possible to switch to work on a remote system, then do everything possible to protect yourself and your colleagues. Wipe the phones, computer keyboard, mouse, door handles with antiseptics. Use personal or disposable tableware. Ventilate the room in which you work. Wear masks when communicating with customers. Wash your hands often. If you do get sick, warn colleagues for evacuation and stay home.

In addition to hygiene measures, do not forget about a healthy lifestyle:

  •  a good sleep, 
  •  proper nutrition,
  •  physical activity.

If you experience a feeling of sadness, stress, confusion, fear, or frustration under quarantine, this is normal. Try to communicate more with friends or family members. Fortunately, in the modern world, communications are diverse and affordable. Try not to suppress your emotions, but to find activities for the soul. Right now there is time for reading, creativity, obtaining new knowledge. Be informed, trust competent sources of information, such as the websites of WHO or your local public health authority. Keep in mind that the hardest things to deal with are stress for children and older people. Give them special attention. Try to think positively.

In a healthy body - a healthy mind, as well as strong immunity. The immune system protects the body, makes it immune to infectious agents and substances with antigenic properties. Unfortunately, in modern conditions, not all people can boast of strong immunity. Do not forget about the good old antiviral agents, preventive flu shots.

In the current situation, it is advisable not to get sick even with a cold. The less we get sick, the stronger our immunity.

The converse is also true. In the pharmacy we can find herbs and infusions to strengthen the immune system, means for the prevention and treatment of the flu itself, antiviral drugs. The choice is huge. Remember the previous experience, for sure there are tools that helped you cope with a cold.

Since the current threshold for the incidence of ARVI and influenza is still exceeded, increased attention is paid to all patients. Because now it is important for all of us to unite in order to stop the spread of coronavirus. Beware of infection with ARVI, be prudent, take care of each other.