Best foods for Intermittent fasting

Best foods for Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a trending way to lose weight. Research has shown that  intermittent fasting is not only ideal for weight loss but also good for metabolic health, aging and insulin sensitivity. Whichever way of intermittent fasting you adopt 12:12 or 16:8 these foods will help  you achieve your goals in a better manner


These are vital to maintain various functions of the body most importantly immunity. Moreover if you are working out along with intermittent fasting, proteins are needed to repair muscular wear and tear. Protein rich foods include meats, yogurt, cheese etc. however protein shakes are also popular amongst body builders and strength trainers.

Good fats 

There are two types of fats good and bad scientifically speaking HDL and LDL. The good fats are needed to lower the bad fats as well as play a vital role in cardiovascular health. These can be obtained from the following foods.

Avocado, Nuts (almonds, walnuts), Flaxseeds, Olives and olive oil and chia seeds. 

‌Fish and seafood

White meats are better for health as compared to red meats in addition fish is also a source of fish oil which has its own benefits as well. The omega 3 oils from fish serve anti inflammatory function in our body. However diet alone cannot achieve the requisite levels therefore supplementation is often recommended.


Vegetables are a great source of fiber. Especially when practicing intermittent fasting constipation becomes quite a problem for a great number of people. Having a sufficient amount of vegetables can help combat this problem.


Similar to Vegetables are a great source of fiber as well. In addition fruits are rich and vitains and minerals. However, picking fruits with low or medium sugar content is critical, since too much fruit sugar (fructose) can induce metabolic issues and undo the numerous benefits of intermittent fasting.

Whole grains and Legumes 

Whole grains and legumes are complex carbs and a good source of fiber. Oats, millets, quinoa and brown rice are some of the 


Water makes up 75 percent of our body. Sufficient fluid intake is therefore of utmost importance. Fluids can be taken in form of detox water, green tea and black tea to name a few.