Pure Coffee

Coffee beans are the most important source of revenue for us. Thanks to the widespread coffee machines in the catering trade or even at home with private individuals, coffee beans are becoming increasingly popular. The advantages are obvious, because by grinding on the spot Turm Kaffee unfolds all its aromas and flavors even better.


Turm Kaffee is THE point of reference for the best of Swiss coffee culture.

With a tradition dating back centuries and a wealth of knowledge about coffee, Turm Kaffee is an ambassador of high coffee culture for its customers and employees.

As an independent family business and the oldest coffee brand in Switzerland, Turm Kaffee celebrates the craft of coffee roasting and preparation at the highest level while promoting responsible practices and fairness with regards to the people and cultures in the countries from which its coffee originates. This also allows stakeholders in Switzerland and the countries of origin to benefit from the company’s success.

Turm Kaffee serves over 1,000 customers from the food service industry in Switzerland and Germany . The Turm Kaffee online shop offers a range of high-quality coffees for customers from the German-speaking world to order.

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