About us

Swissforce Pharma AG is a Swiss skincare laboratory, established in 2013. We specialize in a targeted range of Swiss-made cosmeceuticals with a strong international focus.

Our headquarters are in Rotkreuz, Switzerland in the heart of the Swiss Alps. At Swissforce Pharma AG, nature is our source of inspiration and innovation.

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Our Promise


Driven by the goal of providing high quality and effective products, we want to help our customers feel and look better.

Our company continues the Swiss tradition of pioneering excellence, scientific innovation and the use of only the highest quality of ingredients.

The origins of the special class of ‘Swiss made’ products began in earnest in the seventeenth century when the corporation of watchmakers of Geneva decided to affix a stamp on their watches to certify the quality.

Today the Swiss made label has an unprecedented confidence.
Switzerland has many small and large traditional brands but also leads outs now in innovative and unparalleled quality brands.
For a product to be stamped ‘Swiss Made’, its cost (i.e. the cost of manufacturing, assembly as well as research and development) must be at least 60% derived in Switzerland and the final production process must also have been completed in Switzerland.