Advanced Swiss Products AG

Advanced Swiss Products AG is a Swiss research and development company specializing in hair care products and dietary supplements.

Our team has more than 35 years of experience in developing innovative products against hair loss, for improving hair texture, for scalp and hair care, for skin care and nutritional supplements. We sell our own products and products from partner companies. All products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland and rigorously dermatologically tested.

Brand Featured Products

Innovative Swiss product line against hair loss

CAPILOSAN – Innovative Swiss product line against hair loss, thin hair and sensitive scalp. The CAPILOSAN line covers all needs in case of hair problems. It is a holistic treatment for hair and scalp from the outside, as well as for strengthening the hair from the inside. CAPILOSAN is a treatment of the latest generation against hair loss, against thin hair and for best scalp care.

ALOPEXIN forte with Capixyl ™ – With the use of Capixyl ™ in our intensive treatment against hair loss, we offer one of the best solutions on the market. In case of severe hair loss, we recommend a holistic treatment that strengthens the hair root from the inside by taking HAIR POWER CAPS and from the outside by using ALOPEXIN forte. The best results are achieved by using the specially developed SENSITIVE shampoo for hair washing.

Capilosan: effective and lasting results without drugs

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