All the raw materials used to produce our products are guaranteed 100% vegan. During all production steps, we deliberately do not use any animal products or substances. Thus, all our products are perfectly suitable for a vegan diet..

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Our Philosophy

We make good things even better! Our technology makes it possible to transfer water-insoluble plant extracts into a water-soluble vehicle. Through this system, our plant extracts achieve maximum bioavailability.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with high-quality nutritional supplements. In doing so, we focus on sustainable production, purity, and naturalness! All our raw materials are free of genetic engineering, purely natural, and come from renowned producers who meet our criteria to ensure the highest quality. Each ingredient is thoroughly tested by independent laboratories to ensure the highest purity and quality.

CannSol Science AG is a subsidiary of CannSol Holding AG. Its tasks include, in particular, product development, scientific consulting in the field of herbal active ingredients, and training of specialist personnel. In our Science section, we want to make the most relevant research results from basic and clinical research available to you in as simple a form as possible. All contents of the articles published here refer exclusively to results published in these studies and can therefore not be associated with CannSol products. We hope you enjoy reading!

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