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Install Health Checker Widget on your website. Customers will be redirected to our website and you will make money when they make purchases.

We will track orders of Referred Users

For any order for Products placed by a Referred User on the Website during ninety (90) days after the first accessing of the Website via the Referral Link, which has been completed, shipped, and paid (a “Completed Order”), You will earn a credit (“Referral Credit”) equivalent to:

  • 5% of the value of the respective order, less that portion of order value referred to in par
  • 10% of the value of the respective order for Swissherbs’ exclusive Products, as marketed under "Swiss Energy" trademark
  • an additional percentage credit in the event that We, at Our sole discretion and from time to time, decide to run a special promotional program as part of the Referral Program

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on SwissHerbs.com
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Add widget on your site
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Revenue Share Remuneration up to 10%

Very effective and fair model of an affiliate program, when an affiliate receives a share of profit brought by him. This model allows everyone to invest time and resources into a stable lifetime income from attracting other people through their different promotion channels.

Highly effective promo creatives High CTR Ratio

A large number of conversion ads images of the different sizes that are suitable for any requirements and placements. All banners are tested by SwissHerbs specialists and are very effective traffic conversion tools.

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Conversion of traffic to customers shows one of the highest results in the industry. SwissHerbs offers its customer’s one of the most competitive and attractive offers in the industry.

We Help

Upgraded support services from SwissHerbs Each partner receives additional support from SwissHerbs specialists who will help transform the partner's resources into economic effects and joint income.

The Income Scheme

Your income will grow daily dependent on your traffic. More people who will go through the widget more chances that the purchase will be made.


  • Attendences by spam technologies are forbiden
  • usage of swissherbs.com materials in illigal way are forbiden
Use of our Widget to make profit

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